Climate Change News: That Old Propaganda

These people should be tried in the Hague. That’s if you want to be genteel about it.

Three years earlier, in 1959, America’s oil bosses had been warned that burning fossil fuels could lead to global heating “sufficient to melt the icecap and submerge New York”.
Their knowledge only grew. A 1979 internal Exxon study warned of “dramatic environmental effects” before 2050. “By the late 1970s”, a former Exxon scientist recently recalled, “global warming was no longer speculative”.’

Climate Change News: Alaska 12/2021

I decided to start posting some regular links about climate change news here. Sometimes I’ll add my own thoughts. My own thought here is that if you google ‘heat wave alaska’ you have to go to the news results because that sentiment is expressed in titles and headlines for multiple years in the first page of results.

Climate and Air Travel

I’ve seen a lot of attempts to rationalize air travel as not being as destructive as it really is. Possibly, at an “average human” level some of those rationalizations are true. Perhaps, as with so many other things, the problem is a few wealthy individuals and some corporations. The folks at Possible have a study on this. You can download it at the link below. Some highlights include:

In the USA just 12% of people take a massive 66% of flights.

In France 50% of flights are taken by a tiny 2% of the population.

And here in the UK, a mere 15% of the population take 70% of all flights.

This is terrifying

Climate scientists have been predicting that this would happen to due to climate change for a long, long time. Reading that it is happening is plain frightening.