What Emoluments Clause?

This motherfucker needs to end up in jail. I think that’s about all there is to say about this at this point. He took 399 trips to his own properties in 4 years. How much revenue did the cost of rooms for the secret service, his staff, etc bring in? We know the Pentagon was forcing air force crews to stop and stay at one of his resorts in Scotland. Would we even know it if that was happening elsewhere?

Covid Vaccine Uptake in the Military

Roughly one-third of troops on active duty or in the National Guard have declined to take the vaccine, military officials recently told Congress. In some places, such as Fort Bragg, N.C., the nation’s largest military installation, acceptance rates are below 50 percent.

NY Times

The Head Trip

I’m really enjoying this. I only discovered Jeff Warren a few weeks or months ago when he started doing a daily meditation on the Calm App, though I’d seen/heard his name before that, I hadn’t checked out any of his stuff. He has a sensibility that I think would appeal to a lot of people who have trouble with all the new age-y woo that goes along with meditation and investigations into consciousness, but that doesn’t denigrate that stuff.. My only small complaint is that the audio book isn’t read by the author, though the guy who does read it is fine.

This Finally Happened

I know it seems like we just finished the 2020 election, but I’m honestly a little surprised we didn’t have a Democrat declare for this seat last month. I live in Atlanta. I’m familiar with the specific brand of crazy that exists in north Georgia. Even by those standards, Marjorie Taylor Greene making it to congress was an anomaly. For a Democrat to win, up there, they are going to have to the right mix of “pro-business” and “populism”, two things that should conflict to their core, but…America. I wish her well.

This is terrifying

Climate scientists have been predicting that this would happen to due to climate change for a long, long time. Reading that it is happening is plain frightening.