Amelia King

I’m mostly posting this because I want there to be yet one more entry in search results for Amelia King. Only a white lady could threaten a school board that she’s going to show up to school with loaded guns and suffer no consequences.

The best twitter thread ever

I urge everyone to read this full thread. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a more effective way of calling out people who twist and distort Dr. King’s legacy without actually understanding what he was about.

LOL. Conspiracy.

I think Kayak just earned some of my business. The mom in this is less deranged than the people drinking their own urine to cure Covid.

ShiftCam ProGrip and lenses

I was really excited about the ShiftCam ProGrip from the people who created the ShiftLens system. I have to say that I do not recommend this product to anyone using an iPhone 13 mini. I will write a longer post in the next few days with photos and details on why you should avoid this grip. I think it has a lot of potential for users of the larger phones, but their support is not great, their website isn’t updated regularly enough with accurate information, and that has left me in the position of selling my kit in the near future.

Climate Change News: That Old Propaganda

These people should be tried in the Hague. That’s if you want to be genteel about it.

Three years earlier, in 1959, America’s oil bosses had been warned that burning fossil fuels could lead to global heating “sufficient to melt the icecap and submerge New York”.
Their knowledge only grew. A 1979 internal Exxon study warned of “dramatic environmental effects” before 2050. “By the late 1970s”, a former Exxon scientist recently recalled, “global warming was no longer speculative”.’

Climate Change News: Alaska 12/2021

I decided to start posting some regular links about climate change news here. Sometimes I’ll add my own thoughts. My own thought here is that if you google ‘heat wave alaska’ you have to go to the news results because that sentiment is expressed in titles and headlines for multiple years in the first page of results.

A religious experience

Really. I had one.

Alan Watts wrote something like this: If Christians believed what they profess to believe, they wouldn’t be able to live “normal” lives. They would be consumed with converting and “saving” others, not in a convincing people way, but in a desperate attempt at making them see what they saw. It would drive them mad.

I don’t know that the thought process I had was even relevant. But something clicked in me this afternoon and I was overcome with a wave of empathy for every human being. I was nauseated. I really thought I might get sick from it, from this sense that I can’t really put into words. But. It was something like this. It was not a knowledge, but an incredibly visceral sense of the pain and isolation in this world and of how trying to escape the pain causes people to do all these things that just make it worse, for themselves and for others. There wasn’t any tiny bit of me being separate from that, no sense or egotistical belief that I’d figured anything out or was any different. I could just see it. That was all. When I didn’t feel like I was going to be sick, I thought I might fall to the ground sobbing. But neither thing happened. It was very discombobulating. Then it was over.

It wasn’t a wholly new kind of experience. I’ve had bits of things like it before. It was like any experience of its kind that I’ve had before turned up to 11, different in degree than in kind. But, wow, what a difference in degree. To feel like that all the time would prevent you from living a normal life. It would drive you mad.

Climate Hope?

I read multiple things every day related to climate change. When I say “related to climate change”, they are often not about climate change directly, but are about technology that could help alleviate it. After five years of feeling absolute doom and gloom, I’ve actually started lately to have some hope. I’ve been worried about expressing it, worried that I don’t know enough and my bright-sider tendencies might be giving me false hope (denial). It’s nice to see this put into writing by someone else.

NextCloud Instead of Their Cloud

Over the last five years or so, I’ve really grown irked at a lot of the services provided to consumers by cloud vendors, particularly the two big ones in mobile: Google and Apple. I can’t say why, exactly, but something about that reached a head and I decided to do something about it in early this year. I started playing around with NextCloud in February. I liked what I saw, but decided that maintaining it 24/7 on janky, decade old hardware wasn’t a good idea. I wanted something much more reliable.

That’s when I discovered HomeDrive. For $299 they’ll sell you an Intel NUC box that’s preinstalled with their software. The specific box that they sell was retailing for between $250 and $325 in the online stores I checked. That’s just the hardware. It has a 1 TB SSD and 4GB of RAM. Everything is running in Docker. It is NextCloud hosted on your own hardware. They do light management of the NextCloud software (updates, additional features). They provide you a web endpoint, but I also mapped a subdomain on another domain I own to it. You can turn anything that has to do with them off and I may do that eventually.

I’m no longer putting any of my new files, photos, music, etc into either Google or Apple’s clouds. In the last month, I’ve migrated all of my photos out of Apple’s cloud except for a few that I chose to keep there. I copied all of the photos from my Google Pixel 2 & 3 days and early return to IOS into the NextCloud server via Google Takeout. I haven’t deleted it from Google yet (not that you can truly ever choose to delete anything). I will. But I need to do some additional work looking into indexing/searching the photos in NextCloud. I’ve done some of that research, but I’m not ready to execute changes yet.

I have my entire MP3 collection loaded, and am pretty much adding some new app and the data to power that app every week. I’ve got a bit over 250gb on that SSD.

Climate and Air Travel

I’ve seen a lot of attempts to rationalize air travel as not being as destructive as it really is. Possibly, at an “average human” level some of those rationalizations are true. Perhaps, as with so many other things, the problem is a few wealthy individuals and some corporations. The folks at Possible have a study on this. You can download it at the link below. Some highlights include:

In the USA just 12% of people take a massive 66% of flights.

In France 50% of flights are taken by a tiny 2% of the population.

And here in the UK, a mere 15% of the population take 70% of all flights.