This Finally Happened

I know it seems like we just finished the 2020 election, but I’m honestly a little surprised we didn’t have a Democrat declare for this seat last month. I live in Atlanta. I’m familiar with the specific brand of crazy that exists in north Georgia. Even by those standards, Marjorie Taylor Greene making it to congress was an anomaly. For a Democrat to win, up there, they are going to have to the right mix of “pro-business” and “populism”, two things that should conflict to their core, but…America. I wish her well.

This is terrifying

Climate scientists have been predicting that this would happen to due to climate change for a long, long time. Reading that it is happening is plain frightening.

Groove Is In The Heart (Club MTV)

They must have done enough of these lip sync TV performances that one of the dancers just had a sign with Q-tip’s face on it that he held while everyone continued to dance on stage. I mean, I doubt that was a one off prop.

It’s so lip-synced that, at a couple of points, MTV just cut to the video during the rap.

My So-Called Life at 25, Vanity Fair

When “My So-Called Life” debuted in 1994, there weren’t many portraits of gay teenagers on television. But Wilson Cruz changed that with his depiction of Rickie, a proudly rebellious high school sophomore who was a key member of Angela Chase’s social circle. As a true confidant to Claire Danes’ Angela, Rickie was both a TV trendsetter and a wonderfully ordinary teen. And Cruz brought an LGBTQ character into living rooms before “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or “Dawson’s Creek” did the same a few years later.
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